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Cress Automation, LLC is focused on creating value for its customers through innovative

service and mechanics.  We strive for excellence and high performance on all of the products we manufacturer or service.  We are committed to helping your business run efficiently and effectively

to maximize productivity.  By providing honest and reliable work you can be assured quality results.  Our goal is to shape lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers to form a mutually beneficial network for everyone.


At Cress Automation, we understand the importance of safety in the workplace.  We are committed

to practicing proper safety precautions to provide assurance for your employees, machinery, and

our team.  We are fully licensed and insured.


With over 30 years experience, we know how to face difficult challenges with strategic tactics.

Taking pride in our work shows through our superior results.  Agreements shall be upheld to the fullest extent and any trade secrets revealed will remain confidential.  We believe that providing honest work is the only way to maintain an enduring business.







Continental Tire

Toyo Tire

Grupo Autolin


Briggs & Stratton

Moren Brick

Commercial Brick

Owensboro Brick

Automated Equipment

Ragland Clay Products

Rebstock Conveyors

Midlands Millroom Supply


Black & Decker


Flex-Line Automation


Kriz Technologies

Star Mechanical

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